Ameris Capital manages the Social Investment Fund (FIS, Fondo de Inversión Social), the first impact investment fund in Chile, bringing closer together the capitals market and the country’s social needs.

This fund invests in projects that besides having an expected positive financial return, have a high expected social yield. Thus, social initiatives access financing suitable to their needs.

The FIS operates under the same parameters and standards of the financial world.

Projects supported through the FIS:

A social enterprise that seeks transforming product consumption into solidarity, by donating 100% of its earnings to NGOs that support vulnerable individuals. With the aid from FIS, Late! develops the area of water gallons.

This organization seeks overcoming poverty in regards to precarious dwellings. FIS investment is performed in the Area of Final Housing, contributing to the construction of about 750 quality social housing units, and benefiting nearly 3,000 people over the past 8 years.

Luis García de la Huerta, a partially Government-funded school located in Codao, and belonging to this organization, was supported by the FIS. The contribution focused on enhancing infrastructure with a view to achieving Full-Day Schooling for 428 students on an annual basis.

The educational center Centro de Educación Integrada de Adultos Quimahue, located in Cañete, built a new 1,200 sq. m setting with the aid of the FIS. Through that, registration went from 255 to 470 vulnerable students, who shall all enhance their academic and job perspectives.

A pioneering company in Latin America which seeks a greater access to upper education by investing in human capital. The investment of the FIS has funded technical-professional education for 196 students at the base of the pyramid, for a period of 9 years.

A social company that supplies learning resources and educational advisory services to schools for vulnerable students. Promoeduc achieved self-sustainability after 14 months, reaching out to 6,874 vulnerable students.

An electronic and electrical waste recycling company located in Chillán. FIS investment will be destined to the automation of the recycling plant, increasing more than twofold the treating capacity and processing an annual 600 tons.